Commission's Work & Records

The People's Maps Commission is committed to transparency and accountability. Throughout the map development process, the hearings held in each of Wisconsin's eight congressional districts were part of the Commission's first phase of their work. This phase included hearing directly from Wisconsinites about how they have been impacted by redistricting, as well as ideas from community members on how to achieve fair maps in the state. Recordings of the People's Maps Commission's virtual hearings thus far are available below, which includes the verbal testimony given by both experts and members of the public.

You can find here sample COI plans based on the submissions and criteria submitted to the People’s Maps Commission. Please note: these are NOT final maps and the intention is to submit additional recommendations based off these drafts.

You can submit your own recommended maps and Communities of Interest here.

People's Maps Commission Hearings: By the Numbers

In less than six months, members of the People's Maps Commission:

Participated in more than 20 hours of public hearings

Heard feedback from over 1,000 Wisconsinites

Listened to individuals representing 65 counties and 245 municipalities

Learned from 18 redistricting experts from across the country and Wisconsin

Congressional District (CD) Hearings

CD 1 Hearing

CD 2 Hearing

CD 3 Hearing

CD 4 Hearing

CD 5 Hearing

CD 6 Hearing

CD 7 Hearing

CD 8 Hearing

Written Testimony

In addition to hearing the verbal testimony given in the hearings above, the People’s Maps Commission has been and will continue to accept written testimony throughout the process. In the interest of transparency, here are the written comments folks have provided. This spreadsheet is current as of Wednesday, April 28, and will be updated on a monthly basis.

Next Phase

This is a draft memorandum outlining the criteria the People’s Maps Commission will be using to draw maps.

Upon completion of the initial Congressional district hearings, the Commissioners have moved into the next phase of their work, which includes establishing map drawing criteria and identifying "Communities of Interest" throughout the state. This is the memorandum outlining the criteria the People’s Maps Commission will be using to draw maps.

View the Memo
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