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Find a testing site in Oregon

Are you wondering where you can find a COVID-19 testing site? OHA is partnering with Google, Castlight and local public health authorities to help you find local information about where testing is available.

While we are working hard to keep the information about where Oregonians can get a COVID-19 test as up to date as possible, you should contact the site first to make sure testing is still occurring. OHA cannot guarantee that you will be able to get tested at one of these sites. It is always best to contact your health care provider about getting a COVID-19 test.

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call health care provider

Call before you go

If you have flu-like symptoms or have reason to think you might have COVID-19, let your healthcare provider know before you visit. This will help avoid exposing anyone else at the provider’s facility.

To find a testing site, use the map below or call 211.
Want to submit a testing location to the map? Email us.
It may take up to five business days for your submission to appear.


What if I think I’ve been exposed?

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, and you develop fever, cough or trouble breathing, stay away from other people, so you don’t get them sick. Call your health care provider or a clinic right away. They can help you determine whether you need medical evaluation, including testing.


What if I test positive?

Your healthcare provider and public health staff will give you information about how to keep from spreading the virus to your family and friends. You will need to isolate yourself from other people for as long as public health instructs. You will also need to avoid coughing on others and to wash your hands frequently, to protect them from infection.

You will receive a call from a case investigator at your local public health authority who will talk with you about how to prevent the spread of the virus, including staying home or at a location provided by public health until the danger has passed; provide health information on how to care for yourself; and share resources available in your community that can support you while you self-isolate.

What if I test negative?

If you test negative, you must still take precautions to keep yourself and others safe. Maintaining physical distancing and wearing a mask are critical. Because tests can provide a false negative result, if you are symptomatic or you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you should continue to follow public health recommendations to stay home.

testing cost

How much will a COVID-19 test cost?

Oregon Health Plan

If you have Oregon Health Plan (OHP) coverage, testing will be free.

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Individual and group health insurance

Most health insurance companies will waive co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles for COVID-19 testing. If you have questions about your health insurance coverage, contact your health insurance provider.

Visit the Division of Financial Regulation’s insurance coverage for COVID-19 testing page for more information.

Need health coverage?

You may qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, which is free. Learn more at

If you don’t qualify for OHP, you may qualify for extra savings through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. Find out what coverage and savings you may qualify for at

Free help is available near you. Visit for local assistance.

antibody testing

Antibody testing: what we know right now

Although we're receiving data on some antibody tests performed in Oregon, there currently isn't enough evidence to suggest that antibody tests are a reliable indicator that someone has or had COVID-19 (or that they have immunity). As evidence continues to emerge, we may begin to track these test results more closely and to use the data they provide. At this time, we continue to rely on PCR test results for confirming cases of COVID-19 in Oregon.


who should be tested?

Who should be tested?

what happens if I test positive?

What happens if I test positive?

how much does testing cost?

How much does testing cost?

is it possible to get a false negative on a viral test?

Is it possible to get a false negative on a viral test?

is it possible to get a false positive on a viral test?

Is it possible to get a false positive on a viral test?

what's the difference between an antibody and PCR test?

What's the difference between an antibody and PCR test?

why isn't testing recommended for everyone?

Why isn't testing recommended for everyone?

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