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Did you test positive for COVID-19?

Did you test positive for COVID‑19?

Isolate at home

Stay home and stay away from others, including the people in your own household. You can be around others again after 5 days, if you feel better. You should wear a mask for an additional 5 days when you are around others.

  • If you’re sick, isolate for 5 days from when you started feeling sick AND make sure your fever is gone for 24 hours, without the help of medicine, before being around others.
  • If you don’t have symptoms, isolate for 5 days from the day you were tested.
  • If you are sick, take care of yourself, and keep in touch with your clinic or medical provider if your symptoms get worse.

Need help?

If you tested positive or were exposed to COVID‑19, our trained professionals can help. This includes if you tested positive by using an at-home test.

Call 866-917-8881 toll free or text OHACOVID to 61222 if:

  • You want more COVID-19 health information
  • You have questions about isolation
  • You have questions about telling your close contacts they may have been exposed to COVID-19
  • You need to isolate and are worried about the ability to do so
  • You have K-12 school-related questions about COVID-19
  • If you want to report your positive at home test, take our COVID-19 Case Survey (available in 12 languages) or call 866-917-8881 toll free.

Hours: M-F from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call 211 for general COVID‑19 questions, finding testing or vaccines, or help finding other resources.

Take our survey
Please respond as soon as possible after your positive test result.

Your honest responses help us understand how the virus is affecting you and your community. When we know who is experiencing the impacts of COVID-19, we can focus on where to reduce the spread of the virus and close health equity gaps for disproportionately affected groups. The information you share will be used to track the spread and impact of the disease. We share anonymous aggregate data on our dashboards and in reports with you and the public.

Take the survey in your preferred language.
This online survey can be completed on a computer or a mobile device.

Need help?

Call 866‑917‑8881

If the survey is not in your preferred language a live interpreter can help.

What's in the survey

The COVID-19 Case Survey consists of 9 sections. You can fill out for yourself or on behalf of someone else who has tested positive and asks you for assistance (like a minor in your care, or an elderly relative). The information collected is kept confidential and only used for public health response purposes.


Accessibility: For individuals with disabilities or individuals who speak a language other than English, OHA can provide information in alternate formats such as translations, large print, or braille. Contact the Health Information Center at 1-971-673-2411, 711 TTY or COVID19.LanguageAccess@dhsoha.state.or.us

Printing requests: You can download materials on this page. OHA does not offer paper versions. Please feel free to print whatever you need.

Language access: OHA is working to provide original content in languages other than English. Many of the materials in our community resources section are available in multiple languages. OHA is also providing the Google™ Translate option to assist you in reading the OHA website in languages other than English. Google™ Translate cannot translate all types of documents and may not provide an exact translation. Anyone relying on information obtained from Google™ Translate does so at their own risk. OHA does not make any promises, assurances, or guarantees as to the accuracy of the translations provided.

General vaccine questions: ORCOVID@211info.org