What About if There's an Error on My Claim?

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We are clearing out the lapsed return to work dates on claims as our employees process them. Please continue to file a claim each week you are out of work until your employer resumes operations.


Some people indicated they weren’t looking for work with other employers when filing initial claims. Under our agency’s temporary rules, as long as you stay in contact with your current employer and return to work when they resume operations, you do not need to actively seek work at other employers. We have made an automatic fix for these cases, and you should receive benefits. Please continue to file a claim each week you are out of work until your employer resumes operations.


We identified the cases where this error occurred, and fixed them automatically. Please continue to file your weekly claim each week you are out of work, online if at all possible.


We had a re-start claim error for a small portion of claims received during the week of April 5. We made an automatic fix for this issue, and nearly all affected should be able to continue to file weekly claims online.

This error may have started for a new, and still small, portion of claims starting during the week of April 12. We are investigating this and looking to implement a fix.

We are also looking for potential common themes to prevent future errors on this.

It is possible that some small number of claims with re-start errors actually do need to be re-started. If anyone who experienced the re-start error during the week of 4/5 still has the issue this week, they can e-mail OED_COVID19_Info@oregon.gov.

If someone has the re-start issue this week, starting April 12, please check back on our COVID-19 page for updates. We expect to have another fix to allow you to continue to file your claim online.

UPDATE 4/13: For those who have completed their initial claim, and continued to file weekly claims, your re-start error has been identified and fixed. If you tried yesterday (Sunday) and got the re-start error for the first time, you can re-try now and it should work.

For those who filed an initial claim, then did not file a weekly claim for a week: a week lapsed in your reporting. You would get a re-start error, and really do have to re-start a claim. You will not lose out on a week of benefits that you were eligible to receive because of a difficulty either getting through on our phone, or because of an online claim error. You can submit their claim information at OED_UI_Info@oregon.gov. It will take at least a few days for a member of our unemployment insurance team to reach out to you. When we do connect with you, we will update your current and prior week’s claims as needed.

Update 4/19: We know the re-start claim issue we saw last Sunday happened again this morning to many Oregonians claiming benefits. This issue has been fixed, and if you experienced the re-start claim error, you should be able to try again and successfully file your claim online now.

As of noon today, nearly 100,000 Oregonians have already successfully filed claims for benefits. That record level of online claim processing, paired with other weekend system maintenance, is what caused the re-start claim issue we saw last weekend to happen again.

We care about everyone’s ability to successfully process their claims, and continue working hard to improve our systems, while also getting new benefit programs up and running. The Employment Department has been and will continue to post information about any claim issues and new updates on the Employment Department’s COVID-19 page.


You can probably still file your claim online successfully. When you use our online system on your cell phone, choose the full site (desktop) version on your phone instead of the mobile-friendly one.


The first CARES Act payments of $600 on Friday April 10, 2020 were processed a second time, resulting in two payments going out to many Oregonians receiving unemployment benefits that week. They do not need to return the money, and it is not considered an overpayment. To adjust for this additional money going out to some who were not yet eligible for it, the extra $600 payment will not be paid for the next eligible week they filed for benefits, which is likely the week of April 19 to April 25 for most people. Going forward, the Employment Department will send the additional $600 payments as normal for the rest of each unemployment benefit recipient’s eligible weeks.


 Situation in the U.S. and Globally

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leads the U.S. response. The World Health Organization (WHO) guides the global response.

 Information from CDC   Information from WHO

For general information on COVID-19 in Oregon, call 211. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

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Spread facts, not fear.

Oregon is seeing an increase in incidents of discrimination and harassment related to the COVID-19 virus. It is important that all people, businesses, and other organizations act on facts, not bias or xenophobia. Health officials confirm there are no links between COVID-19 infection and a person’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ability, or national origin. COVID-19 can infect anyone who is exposed to it, and anyone can spread COVID-19. 


In consideration of staffing challenges and health concerns due to COVID-19, Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide closure of Oregon K-12 schools from Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, April 28.

OHA knows we are asking a lot of Oregonians in order to protect those who are particularly vulnerable to this virus, and there is a lot of fear and anxiety in our communities. Educators are the heart of our schools, which in turn are the heart of our communities. In the wake of COVID-19’s arrival in Oregon, our schools are facing operational and business challenges.

We stand with the governor and our education partners as they make difficult decisions in response to these operational challenges in their school communities.

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Child Care Resources from Early Learning Division

In partnership with OHA, the Early Learning Division (ELD) has created new tools for addressing concerns in child care around COVID-19.

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