Cares Act Committee

The Arkansas CARES Act Steering Committee was created to study and analyze the relief available to the State of Arkansas, its citizens, and businesses under the CARES Act, identify and prioritize the needs of the State of Arkansas, its citizens and businesses for the application of available relief, identify the most efficient practices and procedures to obtain and apply available relief and to make recommendations to the Governor on best uses of the CARES Act funding. Read the Governor's Executive Order.

Important Announcement 02.26.21: 

This announcement is to serve as notice that the second round of the Community Outreach grants are now open. Please see the following links:

If your organization is seeking technical assistance on completing the application, DHS has partnered with an independent agency that will assist in completing your application. To obtain this assistance, please reach to the ACBC Committee at or call 870-229-4554. If you would like to access the page where all of this information can be found on the DHS site, please visit Updates for Providers - Arkansas Department of Human Services.

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