COVID-19 Related Business Layoffs, Closures, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits



如要申请普通话回电,请发送您的姓名、电话和优先语言至邮箱 OED_LANGUAGEACCESS@OREGON.GOV。机构工作人员将按照所收到申请的先后顺序,用普通话给您回电。由于客户数量众多,我们可能需要几天的时间来给您回电。请给予我们回复的时间,且请勿重复传送信息。

   COVID-19 相关企业裁员、关闭和失业保险救济金 更新于 2020 年 4 月 22日

如果需要用到除英语外的其他语言帮助提交初次或每周失业保险索赔,您也可以致电 WorkSource 中心与就业部员工进行沟通。 各中心的电话号码参见网址:。 请让我们的员工知悉您需要哪种语言帮助,我们将致电免费电话译员或者让有资质的双语员工联系您。

为帮助提交您的失业保险索赔,我们需要在通话过程中收集下述信息。 请在致电前准备好相关信息:


2.过去 18 个月的工作经历,包括:就业日期、雇主的公司名称、


3.每位雇主开出的薪资 / 总收入

4. 外国人登记号码(若适用)

5. 电话号码

 Situation in the U.S. and Globally

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leads the U.S. response. The World Health Organization (WHO) guides the global response.

 Information from CDC   Information from WHO

For general information on COVID-19 in Oregon, call 211. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

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 Resources for the Community

Social Distancing


Spread facts, not fear.

Oregon is seeing an increase in incidents of discrimination and harassment related to the COVID-19 virus. It is important that all people, businesses, and other organizations act on facts, not bias or xenophobia. Health officials confirm there are no links between COVID-19 infection and a person’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ability, or national origin. COVID-19 can infect anyone who is exposed to it, and anyone can spread COVID-19. 


In consideration of staffing challenges and health concerns due to COVID-19, Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide closure of Oregon K-12 schools from Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, April 28.

OHA knows we are asking a lot of Oregonians in order to protect those who are particularly vulnerable to this virus, and there is a lot of fear and anxiety in our communities. Educators are the heart of our schools, which in turn are the heart of our communities. In the wake of COVID-19’s arrival in Oregon, our schools are facing operational and business challenges.

We stand with the governor and our education partners as they make difficult decisions in response to these operational challenges in their school communities.

Resources from Oregon Department of Education

Child Care Resources from Early Learning Division

In partnership with OHA, the Early Learning Division (ELD) has created new tools for addressing concerns in child care around COVID-19.

Resources from Oregon Higher Education

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