COVID-19 Related Business Layoffs, Closures, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Heuc tengx faan gorngv benx mienh waac

Liouh tov heuc longc mienh waac dau daaux nqaang lorx nor, daaix luic fungx meih nyei mbuoz, nam mber and caux oix heuc gorngv haaix fingz waac gan email daaih bun taux OED_LANGUAGEACCESS@OREGON.GOV. Yiem ninh mbuo ze’weic gorn zangc gong-mienh duqv zipv haix meih nyei waac-tov liuz ninh mbuo oix zuqc longc mienh waac dau nzuonx mingh lorx meih. Weic laaix benx zuqc maaih zuangx mienh waac-fienx fungx daaih camv haic, nzunc baav oix zuqc longc camv-hnoi deix nyei yie mbuo cingx haih duqv dau waac nzuonx lorx buangh meih oc. Tov oix zuqc zoux hnyouv ndaauv longc ziangh hoc zuov bun yie mbuo dau waac nzuonx aengx caux fungx yietc jiouz nzangc-waac-fienx hnangv oc.

Beiv taux meih qiemx longc mienh liouh jiex gorn tengx dorh sou fungx bieqc a’fai longc benx da’nyeic fingz waac dungh maiv zeix ang gitv waac liouh zoux sou tov beu weih ndortv gong nyaanh ziux liv baaiz tengx wuov, meih corc haih douc waac mingh buangh taux WorkSource (ninh mbuo zoux gong mienh waa-fienx gorn) ca’laangh caux gunv goux cingv zoux gong mienh yiem domh ze’weic gorn. Mbenc nzoih yietc zungv douc waac fin-hoc gorn yiem njiec naaiv Daaix luic mbuox tong yie mbuo nyei zoux gong mienh duqv hiuv gorngv meih oix tov heuc tengx haaix fingz waac, aengx caux yie mbuo oix zuqc douc waac a’fai lorx mienh daaih tengx wang-henh faan waac gan douc waac fin-hoc bun muangx a’fai borqv bun meih gorngv waac caux yie mbuo nyei faan waac mienh.

 Liouh nzie-weih dorh meih nyei sou-tov heuc tengx beu weih ndortv gong nyaanh sou-gorn fungx bieqc nor, yie mbuo qiemx oix zuqc lorx siou yiem nqa’ndiev deix waa-fienx dungh douc waac duangh doic ca’laangh nyei ziangh hoc.  Daaix luic jaa-nziouv lorx mbenc nzoih ndaangc taux ziangh hoc ca’laangh:

1. Social Security nam mber

2. Zoux gong jiex daaih 18 hlaax nyieqc gou-nyinh waac, lemh jienv: hnoi-nyieqc cingv zoux gong,     zoux gong ziouv saeng-eiz mbuoz heuc buoz heuc, deic zepv dorngx dauh, aengx caux douc waac          fin-hoc gorn

3. duqv nyaanh hlaax/gapv zunv yietc zungv nyaanh yiem njiec norm-norm ziouv

4. Jiex jauv mienh suiv bieqc deic bung tim bieqc sou-gorn nam mber (beiv taux maaih)

5. Douc waac fin-hoc gorn

 Situation in the U.S. and Globally

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leads the U.S. response. The World Health Organization (WHO) guides the global response.

 Information from CDC   Information from WHO

For general information on COVID-19 in Oregon, call 211. If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

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 Resources for the Community

Social Distancing


Spread facts, not fear.

Oregon is seeing an increase in incidents of discrimination and harassment related to the COVID-19 virus. It is important that all people, businesses, and other organizations act on facts, not bias or xenophobia. Health officials confirm there are no links between COVID-19 infection and a person’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ability, or national origin. COVID-19 can infect anyone who is exposed to it, and anyone can spread COVID-19. 


In consideration of staffing challenges and health concerns due to COVID-19, Governor Kate Brown announced a statewide closure of Oregon K-12 schools from Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, April 28.

OHA knows we are asking a lot of Oregonians in order to protect those who are particularly vulnerable to this virus, and there is a lot of fear and anxiety in our communities. Educators are the heart of our schools, which in turn are the heart of our communities. In the wake of COVID-19’s arrival in Oregon, our schools are facing operational and business challenges.

We stand with the governor and our education partners as they make difficult decisions in response to these operational challenges in their school communities.

Resources from Oregon Department of Education

Child Care Resources from Early Learning Division

In partnership with OHA, the Early Learning Division (ELD) has created new tools for addressing concerns in child care around COVID-19.

Resources from Oregon Higher Education

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