All Systems are Operational

  • Agency Online Services
    Status of interactive services such as report filings/license renewals, etc.
  • Agency Online Services - DMV Connected
    DMV services that require mainframe or other third party access to function
  • Agency Online Services - SOS Connected
    SOS services and issues related to connections with SOS databases
  • Agency SharePoint Websites
    Status of agency Websites hosted/maintained by NIC WV in the Enterprise Content Management System.
  • OneStop (Business4WV)
    OneStop (Business4WV) environment and connected services
  • Payment Services
    NIC WV managed services that process payments.

Incident History

Sharepoint website outage

Start Date: Mar 22nd, 2024 08:10PM EDT
End Date: Mar 22nd, 2024 08:23PM EDT

Agency SharePoint Websites
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Possible State Connectivity Issues

Start Date: Mar 15th, 2024 09:24AM EDT
End Date: Mar 15th, 2024 09:53AM EDT

Agency Online Services - DMV Connected Agency Online Services - SOS Connected Agency Online Services
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